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Breast family history clinic

Up to 10% of patients with breast cancer will have developed the disease due to a genetic abnormality.  Families at risk tend to have two or more family members with breast cancer, and these cancers may have developed at an early age. The presence of multiple types of cancer within a family may also indicate a genetic abnormality.

Increasingly, ladies, with or without specific breast symptoms, have concerns about a possible increased risk of breast cancer due to a family history of the disease.

The Breast Family History Clinic is run by Mr Douglas T Hansell, who established the first NHS Breast Family History Clinic in the West of Scotland in the mid 1990s. The concept has proved very popular with patients and referring General Practitioners.
At the Breast Family History Clinic ladies will be seen by a Consultant Breast Surgeon and a Breast Care Sister. A family history, together with a breast examination will be undertaken. Mammography and/or ultrasound will be offered if appropriate. Advice regarding breast awareness and self examination will be given. Regular follow up, and if necessary, referral to a geneticist will be offered to ladies deemed to be at an increased risk of developing breast cancer.

This clinic allows ladies to be seen, investigated, and counselled regarding their risks of developing breast cancer, within a “one-stop” environment.

Glasgow Breast Care Clinic