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Facilities and services

We provide a comprehensive Rapid Diagnostic Breast Care Service: 

  • Consultant Breast Surgeon led specialist multi-disciplinary team
  • Symptomatic clinics
  • Breast screening
  • Genetic / Family history
  • On-site full field digital mammography
  • On-site breast ultrasound
  • Aspiration cytology (FNAC - final needle aspiration cytology)
  • Core Biopsy
  • Rapid results
  • Specialist Breast Care Nurse
  • Fast Access to Surgery
Breast Screening

Our Breast Screening Programme adheres to the high standards of the National Breast Screening Programme and is tailored to suit a patients specific needs.

Screening Abnormality

Full back-up facilities for assessing abnormalities with on-site full field digital mammography, ultrasound stereotactic/perforated plate cytology or core biopsy, together with localisation and surgical excision if necessary.

Assessment of Screening Abnormalities

A complete team with the necessary radiological, surgical and pathological facilities to assess all conditions.

Lump Assessment

Our Clinic is structured for the rapid assessment of lumps by clinical assessment, imaging including mammography and/or ultrasound as appropriate with cytology (FNAC) or core biopsy as indicated and MRI.

Mastalgia (Breast Pain)

We have consultants with particular interest and expertise in mastalgia and its treatment.

Familial Breast Cancer

Advice regarding genetic and appropriate investigations by a Consultant Geneticist with expertise in familial cancer.

Cosmetic Surgery

A complete range of cosmetic procedures include mastopexy (breast uplifting), augmentation (enlargement), reduction, nipple reconstruction and correction of congenital deformities.

Reconstructive Surgery

Operations to restore the shape of the breast following mastectomy, matching to the remaining breast as closely as possible. This can be done either as an immediate reconstruction at the same time as the mastectomy operation or at a later date.


The treatment of tumours by drugs, hormones and radiotherapy by Clinical Oncologists.


The use of high-energy x-ray beams to treat the breast tissue. It is usually undertaken at associated hospitals under the supervision of our Clinical Oncologists after surgery by the Consultant Breast Surgeon.

Breast Care Advice

Specially trained Breast Care Nurse for on site information, advice, support and prosthesis fitting.

Vacuum Biopsy

A system using minimally invasive techniques whereby some benign breast lumps can be removed under local anaesthetic using either mammography or ultrasound guidance. This is done in the unit avoiding formal admission to hospital and surgery under general anaesthetic with an overnight stay.

Glasgow Breast Care Clinic