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The patient journey

Your visit to the Glasgow Breast Care Clinic

If you have been referred by your GP, please bring a letter of referral if possible. If you have self-referred no letter is necessary.

If you are in possession of previous mammograms or ultrasounds please bring them with you to your consultation.
On arrival at Ross Hall Hospital you will be directed to the Consulting Suite where you will meet the Consultant Breast Surgeon and the Specialist Breast Care Nurse.

The Consultant Breast Surgeon will discuss the nature of your problem with you, following which you will have a detailed breast examination.

If you require a mammogram, this will be done immediately following your breast examination in our radiology department. You will then return to the consulting suite where the Consultant Breast Surgeon will discuss the results with you.

Some patients will require an ultrasound or a needle sample, which on most occasions will be done at the same visit.

Follow up

If a follow-up appointment is required to discuss results, this will be arranged at your first visit, and will normally occur within 48 hours. If longer term follow up is required, an appointment can be made for this at your first visit.

A small percentage of patients will require an operation. You will have an opportunity to discuss this in detail with the Consultant Breast Surgeon and the Specialist Breast Care Nurse. Relevant literature and DVDs can be given to you at this time to add to your understanding of the procedure recommended.

Glasgow Breast Care Clinic